Restoration Services for Fairfield, PA

Professional Auto Restoration for Classic Vehicles in Fairfield, PA

Doug’s Auto Body has auto restoration services for your classic vehicle in Fairfield, PA. Our technicians can restore any type of classic vehicle and return it back to its former glory. We can complete every step of the restoration process with the expertise and professionalism Doug’s Auto Body is known for in the area. Our team is dedicated to restoring all vehicles that go through Doug’s Auto Body with the highest quality work. With every restoration project we pay attention to every detail both big and small. No job is too complicated for our team of experienced and skilled restoration technicians. While your vehicle is in our care we will take good care of it and make sure it is returned to you in the best condition.

Doug’s Restoration Services Include:

  • Removal or replacement of all external parts
  • Removal or replacement of all internal parts
  • Paint stripping
  • Body structure repair or replacement
  • Replacement and repair of panels to original condition
  • Exterior Paint
  • Interior Paint
  • Custom Paint Finishing
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Sandblasting and Glass Beading
  • Glass Replacement

Restoration Services Using the Latest Techniques in the Industry

Doug’s Auto Body is professional and experienced in vehicle restoration services. We provide many great restoration services to Fairfield, PA, Adams County, and the surrounding communities in the area. Our team is trained on all of the best and latest restoration techniques to make sure the finished product meets your needs and expectation. From small changes to major overhauls, the highly trained technicians at Doug’s Auto Body can work to restore any vehicle. When our restoration team is finished with your vehicle it will look like it did originally and will be a unique piece you can cherish. Do you have questions about our restoration services or want to set up an appointment? Contact Doug’s Auto Body at (717) 642-9261 to schedule an appointment.

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